About Us

Our Story: Gift Box Co

In March of 2020, much of the United States went into quarantine due to the rapid spread of COVID-19.

People were shocked, scared and panicked. The hardest part was being separated from friends and loved ones. More difficult still, the only communication was over the phone or internet. 

Everyone was looking for unique ways to connect and let others know that they cared. I felt I needed to do something to help people show their love, concern, and care for each other. 

I wanted to find a way for people to send their feelings to one another.

I immediately thought of personalized gift boxes – it's the perfect way to let others know that you care from a distance. And that's how the idea for Gift Box Co was born.

Since that time, we've help thousands of people from all walks of life share their love, concern, and presence through personalized gift boxes.

Whether you have have family in another state, or friends that aren't close enough to see regularly, Gift Box Co can help you show your care, love - and most importantly, your presence.